Our Therapists

Lynne Kershaw

My name is Lynne Kershaw. I became interested in natural therapies whilst pregnant with my daughter in 1990, and I enjoyed a naturally managed pregnancy and birth.

When my daughter fell ill, I experienced a challenging and frightening journey with her in hospital for a month. My determination to educate and enpower myself as a parent became paramount. I wanted to have enough knowledge about health to be able to support my family's wellbeing and to make educated decisions. I wanted my daughter to grow up healthy!

I began my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994 at The Australian College of Natural Medicine, and graduated with a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1997.

In 1998, I opened Bulimba Acupuncture and Natural Therapies in Oxford Street, Bulimba, Queensland.

After several years running a successful practice and providing health care to the local community, I decided I wanted to learn another therapy that provided more profound results and better long term outcomes.

In 2000, I started studying Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) at the Australian Institute of Cranio Sacral Therapy, graduating in 2003 with, at that time, the only Diploma of CST available in the world. CST is a division of osteopathic medicine and is practiced in every continent throughout the world.

The more I work with CST, the better appreciation I have gained for it's truly holistic approach to ultimate health, balance and wellness.

My Treatments

I now combine the knowledge and treatment principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cranio Sacral Therapy to support my clients on their journey to optimum wellness in whatever form or shape that is to each individual. By combining both of these energetically based treatments, many clients have found relief from their health imbalances that other treatments have not provided.

What Do I Treat?

Natural Fertility and Hormonal Support

I treat a range of situations from irregular and disrupted menstrual cycles, male and female fertility issues, thyroid conditions, peri-menopause and menopause symptoms.

Muscular Skeletal Pain

Acute or chronic conditions, migraines, old injuries and those that haven't responded to other therapies.


Children with learning difficulties or social difficulties, who have experienced trauma or have difficulty dealing with their environment or change. Children with syndromes who need support to be the best they can be.


Often birth can be traumatic for babies, as well as mothers. Asissted deliveries (C-section, forceps or ventouse), babies with mishapen heads post-delivery. Attachment and feeding issues, settling and bonding issues, reflux, colic and constipation.

My goal is to assist & support you to be the best you can be, physically, mentally & emotionally.
I look forward to working with you. 

Qualification Details
•  Dip App Sc Acupuncture
•  Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine
•  Dip Cranio Sacral Therapy
•  Certificate in Massage


Nicole Tobler

I graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now the Endeavour College of Natural Health), with qualifications in Reflexology, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Remedial Massage. 

I bring to the clinic my French speaking background, as I come from Lausanne in Switzerland. I have a passion for treating pregnant women and use a combination of therapies to assist women during this period of change. 

Cranio Sacral therapy
Cranio Sacral therapy (CST) is a gentle, light and non-invasive hands-on healing technique that releases stress and tensions deep in the body. It relieves pain and dysfunction, increases energy, and improves whole body, mind and spirit health and performance, as it assists the body’s natural healing processes.
CST therapists gently release the craniosacral system. This includes the soft tissue of the head (cranium) down the spine to the sacral area (its tail end) and the pelvis. It focuses on the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, which has both a nutritive and protective effect on the central nervous system.

During a treatment, you lay on a massage table and I work through light clothing. It’s a very gentle and deeply relaxing procedure, which leaves you feeling much lighter and whole in your wellbeing.

It is possible to combine other therapies in a cranio sacral session, such as myofascial release and some light massage techniques as well as Reflexology.

CST is useful for:
•    migraines and headaches
•    chronic neck and back pain
•    stress and tension related problems
•    emotional and physical trauma
•    temporomandibular joint dysfunction and many other conditions.

Qualification Details

•    Dip of Reflexology
•    Cranio Sacral Therapy
•    Dip of Remedial Massage