Traditional Chinese Medicine  
•  Fertility (male & female treatment programs)
•  Natural & IVF Support
•  Pre-conception Care, Pregnancy care, Labour preparation, Post-partum care
•  Hormonal Conditions 
•  Headaches & migraine
•  General Health & Maintenance programs

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the world's oldest forms of traditional medicine. It incorporates the use of very fine Acupuncture Needles which are inserted into the body at points which are located along chartered meridians (energy vessels ). A combination of points is selected to treat and improve the presenting condition and balance the client's energy levels.

Chinese Herbal Medicine uses a variety of herbal combinations that have been developed over time to treat a range of conditions.

Cranio Sacral Therapy 
•  Chronic pain or injuries
•  Physical & emotional trauma
•  Fertility
•  Reflux or colic in babies
•  Feeding difficulties
•  Post traumatic birth
•  Behavioural problems
•  Emotional stress
•  Migraines and headaches

Derived from a form of osteopathic medicine, Cranio Sacral Therapy is a gentle non invasive therapy that works subtley with the client's body to release blockages that produce your symptoms, either physical or emotional. Using light contct with their hands, the practitioner connects to the client's energy to facilitate and support rebalancing.